Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred really like blackberries.  We have a patch at church that is full of blackberries right now.  He has been picking them at the end of his work days this week.  He says there are a ton of them and he can get a lot in a short amount of time once he scares off the snakes.  Snakes?!?  I think I'll let Fred pick the blackberries.
2.  We have been sick around the house this week.  Jack started with strep throat and a double ear infection on Monday.  Andrew started running a fever Tuesday evening so Wednesday morning we were with him at the doctor.  My throat started hurting Tuesday so I while I was at the doctor with Andrew I just figured I'd let the doc check me out as well.  We both have sinus infections and are on antibiotics.  Wednesday Jack started getting really sick again.  He proceeded to vomit (sorry Janice!) for the next 18 hours and we were back at the doctors office Thursday.  After blood work and two shots he appears to be feeling better.  Andrew is still running a low grade fever, but our goal is to stay out of the doctor's office today.  It's a small goal, but I'm hoping to reach it!! (Many thanks to our doctor and nurse at Eastwood Clinic and our friend Wes!  You guys are my heroes!)
3. The boys will be spending a little time in Memphis next week.  While they are there they get to pick "treats" at the grocery store.  Clayton told us this week that one of his treats was going to be butter.  Butter?!?  As in sticks?!?  Yes, was his reply.  He loves some butter.
4.  Jack has been sick this week as mentioned above.  Whenever Jack runs a fever he vomits.  It has been exciting to say the least.  On the way to the doctors office he said weakly from the back seat, "You know, mom, I don't really mind being sick because I get to drink Gatorade and sleep on the couch."  Now there's the silver lining to a double ear infection and strep throat!
5. Andrew has a serious love affair with his pap pap (pacifier).  I was told he should have done away with it by one, but I sort of missed that deadline.  As a compromise, he can only have it in the bed.  He loves it though.  He would have it all day if we let him.  This morning he came down the hall with his blanket in one hand and the other hand suspiciously behind his back.  When he saw me and Fred he stopped dead in his tracks.  Knowing what was behind his back we told him to go put pap pap in the bed.  He stood for a while and then turned toward his room.  After several minutes I went to check on him.  He was laying on the floor by his bed holding his blanket and pap pap.  It was pitiful.

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