Monday, August 1, 2011

Clayton's first Triathlon

Clayton competed in his first ever triathlon this weekend here in Paris.  It was super hot, but he did great!  He swam 100 meters (doing the back stroke!), biked 3 miles and ran a half a mile and he was still smiling at the finish  We were/are so proud of him!
It was so hot and humid that morning that my camera lens fogged up for our family picture.  Boo.
 Jumping in the pool to start the race...

Back stroking it through the swim...
Exiting the pool, heading to the bike transition area...
This is probably my favorite picture of the day.  Fred is standing behind the "bike in" sign.  See him?  He's the tall, bald and strikingly handsome fella in the florescent yellow shirt.  He was a volunteer in the bike transition area and he helped all the kiddos coming in and heading out.  The kiddo running out is Clayton and Fred is watching him the entire way.  I can't see Fred's face, but I'm sure he is shouting encouraging words to Clayton to cheer him on.  Sweet.   

 This little fella was hot.  He kept pouring water over his head. 
 It is really difficult to get 30 plus children to look in the same direction at the same time.  Below is a picture of our Kids Triathlon Club, Tri-Eiffel-etes, here in Paris.  We are so grateful to Tony Lawrence and the parks department for starting this club and for their hard work in pulling off this event.  It was a major undertaking for him!  We are also thankful for a community that invests in the lives of young people by providing opportunities to train up this generation to be healthy and active. 

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