Thursday, August 18, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred is training for an Olympic Distance Triathlon and a marathon.  As part of that training he has been riding his bike with a group of guys.  Today they will be completing a 50 mile bike ride through LBL (Land Between the Lakes).   
2.  Meals started back at church on Wednesday night this week.  It was great to be back with my "family".  We had Poppyseed Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls and dessert.  My friend gave me an awesome dessert recipe.  You should try it: 
Dip Chips Ahoy cookies in milk.  Line a 9x13 pan with the cookies.  Top with a layer of cool whip.  Repeat cookies, cool whip, cookies, cool whip and then drizzle with hot fudge.  Place in the freezer overnight.  And then...try it!  It will not disappoint!
3.  As a part of Clayton's P.E. program this year at school he gets to swim at least once a week.  He got to swim this week for the first time and was so excited!  His P.E. teacher coaches a swim team that meets twice a week after school.  We will be signing up.  Paris Piranhas here we come!! 
4.  Jack forgot his name tag at church Tuesday when we were cooking, but he did not realize this until Wednesday morning as we were leaving for school.  For fifteen minutes he repeated that he wanted/needed his name tag.  I tried to reason with him.  I tried to convince him it was okay.  I was compassionate...for 13 minutes.  Did I mention this lasted 15 minutes?  Needless to say a.l.l. of our neighbors heard me tell Jack to get in the car.   I could not get his name tag before school.  It was a rough morning.
5.  We spent time in Memphis last weekend.  Since then Andrew has been asking for Zackey all week  (a.k.a. Zachary, our nephew).  "Where Zackey go?"  "When Zackey comin?"  "I go play with Zackey now?"  Too sweet. 

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Elizabeth said...

Awwww.... Zackey and Andrew need to see each other again soon. And Jack needs his name tag. Poor guy.