Thursday, August 4, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Thursday was the big guys birthday.  We celebrated with a cookie cake at Dairy Delight on Wednesday.  Then Thursday night we went to dinner in Murray, KY at Jasmine.  Yum!  So glad Fred had a birthday!
 2.  As I've mentioned before, this summer I've been working at the Adult Education Center this summer.  People come for all different reasons: tutoring for the GED test, college classes, plant entrance exams, nursing school test, etc.  Right about the time I started a lady (about my mom's age) came for help in math to get a job at a factory.  When she came to the center she was at a sixth grade level in math.  She left this week working past a twelfth grade level in math.  Yeah!
3.  Clayton does not pass out compliments.  If he doesn't mean it he doesn't say it.  After he spent some time with some of our teenagers at church he said, "Mom, you know I really like them.  They are so nice to me.  Not all teenagers are nice to me."  High praise from Clayton.
4.  We go eat (usually Dairy Delight) with our Paris parents/grandparents every week.  We've gone now for seven years.  Jack went to Dairy Delight straight from the hospital...not really, but almost.  He celebrated his last day at DD this week.  He will start kindergarten Tuesday and won't be able to go anymore until next summer. 

5.  Andrew says cute stuff all the time.  I was in the car with him this week and he was talking.  I finally understood/listened to what he was saying and I heard, "I wuvs you mama.  I wuvs you mama. I wuvs you mama."  Melt my heart.  
This week he has started requesting his favorite television program, Dinosaur Train.  He loves that show.  He will bring me the remote and say, "Dinosaur, peas."
He was with me in the bathroom while I was getting ready Wednesday.  I turned out the light when I finished.  When the bathroom went dark Andrew said, "Oh no!  What happened?!?" 

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