Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Mimi and Tee

While Fred had revival in Alamo last week we loaded up the boys for a few days of fun at Mimi's house.  The cousins even came in town!  They ate donuts, swam, played video games, shopped, played at Chuck E. Cheese, went to Jump Zone and pretty much did whatever Mimi and Tee would let them do...which is a lot more than is allowed at my house. ;-)  It was a great week!  Can you tell we are trying to squeeze in everything we can before school starts again and ties us down?!?

Before our arrival my mom did a search on pinterest.  She put the word "grandsons" in the search line and this sprinkler came up.  It was a huge hit!!  I took a video of it on my phone, but I'm having trouble getting it to load.  If you would like to see it just click here.


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