Monday, July 23, 2012

Swim Weekend

Swim weekend is the creation of my Aunt Janice.  Basically, it is a weekend around July 4th where my mother's side of the family meets and swims...all weekend.  Did I say swim??  I meant to say eat as well.  Aunt Janice has it all planned out, every last detail.  You can come and go as you please, but food is always available around meal times and the pool never closes.  

I do not have words for the hat that is upon my head.  All I can say it that I forgot my trusty visor and this beauty was in the pool house.  When one reaches her thirties she must protect her face from the sun at all costs!  Also in this picture Andrew obviously has a mouth full of something!?!
 Andrew is eating banana pudding here from my brother.  This is a huge deal because up until this point Andrew has been afraid of my brother.  Terrified.  Why?!?  My brother has a boat and he has had the audacity of taking us out on the lake in it.  Oh the horrors.  Andrew was terrified of him (and his boat) until Jeffery showed up with this bowl of pudding.  It was a real turning point in their relationship.   
 The big boys and cousins are here with my mother brother, Mike.  They played and played together.  
 Good times hanging out in a diaper...Andrew, not Fred.
 This is my mother's brother, Jim.  My boys just love him.  One of my favorite highlights of swim weekend is that Jim and I get to walk together each morning.  I love those walks with him, always learning so much and cherishing each moment. 
We had a great time this year and cherish all the memories that we made.  We are grateful to Aunt Janice and all her hard work to bring this weekend, and all of us, together!  Until next year...

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