Monday, July 23, 2012

Clayton's Baptism

Clayton is an analytical child.  He thinks through a lot of things before he reacts.  Unless he's tired, and like his mother he just can't seem to control his tongue...I digress.  He has been making little comments over the past year about becoming a Christian.  Just little questions here and there.  Nothing earth shattering, but I could tell his wheels were turning.  Last week while we were at children's camp we had an evening worship service and the camp pastor asked those in attendance if anyone was interested in talking to someone about making Jesus their Savior to just stick around and talk to a grown up.  I sat in my chair for a while and no one came to me.  I looked to my right and Clayton was just sitting by himself.  I went over to him because I thought he was waiting on me.  I asked him why he as still sitting there and he looked up at me in a matter of fact way and said, "Mr. Robin said if we wanted to make Jesus our Savior to stick around and talk to an adult.  I was just waiting on you to come over.  I'm ready to do that."  I couldn't believe it.  I talked to him that night and told him we would talk to Fred when we got home.  Sunday morning came and Clayton and Fred sat in the dining room.  Fred talked a little while and then Clayton prayed a silent prayer asking Jesus to be his Savior.  Whew...nine years of answered prayer.  We all rejoiced over his decision and then called family to meet for his baptism. 
This picture is kind of fuzzy, but in my mind it is clear.  The sight of my husband with my oldest child following in baptism will bring me to tears for years to come.  I pray that he will never turn from the left or the right as he follows after the one who died on the cross for him.   
 We took a quick picture of the group that came to celebrate this day with us.  You can only imagine that getting this group picture was a major undertaking.  In true Shackelford style, right after we took this picture and were heading for the house Grandma Beulah walked in from the side door.  She should be standing between Papa Ray and Fred.  Too funny!  Maybe someday I'll photo shop her in. 
I do not take the people in this picture for granted.  They are our family, but they are also our family legacy.  They blazed the trail for us and showed us what it meant and still means to serve and love Jesus with everything inside of us.  They have all been around during different parts of our journey and I know they will be with us as we enter this new journey to disciple the next generation for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. 


mundayseven said...

Praise the Lord!!! What a blessing!

Fred Shackelford said...

You really do get it don't you girl? I'm really glad my grandsons have you for a Mom