Monday, July 23, 2012

Five on Monday

Five on Monday doesn't have the same ring as Five on Friday, but in the summer I just can't seem to get myself together.  I mean seriously, these boys are hungry all the time.  All.the.time.  I feel like all I do is go from one meal/snack to the next.  What will life be like when they are 16, 13 and 10.  It kind of makes me shudder.  I'm thinking two refrigerators.

Here goes...
1.  Fred is tall.  You may not know this, but his clothes are NEVER on a sale rack.  Never.  We were at a yard sale the other day and I saw a sport coat that looked long.  I picked it up and couldn't believe my eyes.  It was Fred's size.  Then it just kept getting better.  It was $3!  Yes, $3!!!  We bought that jacket and took it to the cleaners and it's as good as new.  Our total investment was $8.  Not to bad, huh?!?  Just to satisfy my curiosity I googled the brand and found the exact same coat online for $250.  I know, what a deal.  I still smile when I think about it.
2.  Fred's parents take the boys for a week each summer.  It's lovely.  It's like a vacation right here in my house.  In fact, it's so quite as I'm writing this that my ears are almost ringing.  I have a to-do list for the week, which for me is nothing new.  I think my heart would quit beating if I didn't have a plan.  One thing I'm looking forward to is going to dinner with my husband at Jasmine tonight.  Oh, I do love Jasmine.  I bet I don't have to ask anybody to SIT DOWN one single time while we are eating.  Nice. 
3.  Clayton made brownies for all our company by himself.  They were delicious.  But seriously, what could go wrong with a Symphony bar inside a brownie??!  He proudly announced to the crowd that "he made the brownies and they were not healthy!" 
4.  Jack really still needs a nap.  He just gets tired and grumpy.  He gets really mad though when I ask him to rest.  Really mad.  He crosses his arms, pouts, stomps, kicks, talks ugly, etc.  It's not pretty, especially for a kiddo that is usually pretty easy going and happy-go-lucky.  The other day during one of his fits he said, "I'm not tired!  I'm just worn out!"  Right on, son, right on. 
5.  Andrew is into everything.  I don't remember my other boys being this busy.  (I'm sure over time the memories have just faded.)  For example, I walked in to the playroom the other day and he was standing on the dresser.  Standing.  Fred and I looked over the situation and still cannot figure out how he did it.  Maybe he's Spider Man?!?  Well, one of his favorite past times is to empty out a drawer from the activity table we have and sit in it.  He doesn't just empty it though.  He dumps each organized tubs I have in the drawer.  The drawer he likes has two tubs, one with 1 million matchbox cars and one with 100 monster trucks.  He completely dumps them on the floor, dumps everything in the closet and then sits in the drawer.  It drives me crazy, but who could resist that smile?!?  What a mess...the room and Andrew!! 

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