Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Around 15 years ago Fred took his first official ministry job.  It was at a small country church, Crossroads Baptist, in Alamo, Tennessee.  Well, life is coming full circle for us because several months ago they lined up Fred to preach revival services this week.  We are all excited to go back and see everyone.  We hold some great memories from Crossroads!
2.  I am leaving with Clayton and several other kiddos from our church for camp today, thus the early post.  I love camp, especially Camp Linden.  I grew up going to Linden every summer.  I am praying that the kiddos going will build a foundation on Jesus and their lives will never be the same.  Join me, won't you?!?  Click here to see the camp. 
3.  While Fred and I were sipping coffee yesterday, our eldest child came in the kitchen from the living room making the strangest noise.  It made us laugh; however, Clayton was not laughing.  He had had the air knocked out of him.  After regaining his breath he began to explain to us through many tears what happened.  In an effort to escape his youngest brother he tried to go through the window in our bathroom.  Yes, through the window.  Well, Jack had put a rocking chair under that window and when Clayton came through feet first he landed on the top of the chair.  After he laid around all morning I decided I should take him to the doctor.  Yes, he has a cracked rib...from a game of my house.  My brother wins the quote of the day by saying, "Five seconds of stupid can really change your life."  I think this will be our new motto.
4.  Jack is not going to camp.  He would have been pretty sad, but we gave him to option of having an "all about Jack" day if he stayed home with Fred.  So far, Jack has about 15 things on his list that he would like to do tomorrow.  We'll see what all they get to accomplish.  He has been counting down the days.
5.  Andrew does not like thunder.  Fred was in the garden this week with Andrew and it thundered.  Andrew made his way, rather quickly, back to the house.  After being inside with me for  a while he looked up at me and said, "Mom, did God stop the thunder yet?"  Sweet.   

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