Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jack's Party

Does anybody else struggle explaining the difference between a birthday and a birthday party when they don't happen on the same day?!?  Just wondering. 
Once we got back from vacation we had Jack's party.  It felt like we'd been celebrating a week since his actual birthday was days before his party, but oh well, who doesn't love a few days of celebration?!?  Jack decided several weeks ago that he wanted to have a science experiment party.  I immediately began searching for ideas and found some great ones:
-when a skittle is placed in water the 'S' on top of the skittle will float off
-when water is poured over pop rocks they pop...forever.
-Mentos in a Diet Coke really do result in a geyser
-vinegar and baking soda erupt (we did several with this mixture)
We feasted on hot dogs, cheese, cheetos, fritos, watermelon and cookies.  It was a rockin' time! 
Happy Birthday Big Man!

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